I would like to mention Mike Attebery’s Billionaires, Bullets, and Exploding Monkeys.  Not vampires, but a fun read which just got published!  read/buy

Hi, and welcome to my site.  This is my first online serial novel.  We go to the vampire genre with a slightly different twist.  Just what is a vampire and what can it do?  How does it fit into our world if at all?  With the awakening of a vampire, the lives of a few unassuming human beings are thrown into chaos as they struggle to deal with this new evil in their lives while learning that everything is not as it seems.  Just a warning: there is some graphic violence.

As this is my first time writing, everything is experimental.

If you are new to Sunset, you should start with the Prologue.
If you are returning, then you can dive back in with the Table of Contents.
Or you can download my story in pdf form.

I am very excited about this project and hope you will enjoy it.  I owe a debt of gratitude to David Wellington, an online and published author, who inspired me to actually get writing.  He does amazing stories about the supernatural from zombies to werewolves to vampires.


p.s. read my second vampire novel here.  It’s called Blood of a Marionette and is about law school.  It’s written in a different style than Sunset.


  1. Hey – saw your post over on AW – there’s a couple of serial fiction forums around that you should come join – there’s (run by AE who does Tales of MU) and from the novelr crowd. ^_^

  2. If you are going to advertise free books on website make sure they are actually on your site! i tried to get sunset and it told me ” error 404 note found” fix this please i was hoping to read the book

  3. meaghan-thanks. i switched the website address for this book, and didn’t check those links. i will fix them. the links in the sidebar work to the chapters though.

  4. Have You Ever Heard Of A Story Called Twilight?

  5. vampires and fairies-yes i have i am reading it right now

  6. Is there romance in this story?

  7. sorry there is no romance in this story, there will be in my upcoming vampire novel, so stay tuned.

  8. Just wanted to let you know that my novel “On/Off – A Jekyll & Hyde Story” is now available for purchase. Your readers can find out more here:

    Mike Attebery

  9. Thanks for the note, Mike.

  10. coooooooooooool

  11. when will your new novel be avilable to read online?

  12. kaitlyn-i have one in the works, which will hopefully be put up in january…if fortune smiles upon me

  13. Thank you for this information. 🙂

  14. Good luck with the book 🙂

  15. thanks caroline.

  16. nicestory. i rite too. i am ritin a vampire one toooo. but iv only just made the website. but feel free to visit it. i have yet to put up the chapter one thou. i do admit to starting off this story weakas it was just to exercise my riters block and build up my stamina for the the tedious task of riting a novel long story yet agen. and of coursewhat is bound to happen, u get one good idea and the story carries you away. :))

  17. How has being a parent changed you?

  18. I’m just getting to know about your novel and believe me you’ll be my favourite if your story is well-packaged

  19. Good work. Keep them coming.

  20. boaring story

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