The Author


I am tim the younger. 

 I hail from the state of Maryland in the United States.

 I am currently occupied with university and living in a foreign country.

As a fledgling author, who knows very little about writing, outside of scholarly work, I decided to share what I have with you all.  If you read it and want to comment, please do.  I know a lot of what I write will be terrible, especially at first, so I want to improve.  I can do this better with ideas and suggesstions from you.  However, no matter how bad it is, I love it because I came from me and it is mine.

I am fan of in general science fiction, fiction, and history.  What will be written remains to be seen but these are my influences.  I think the struggle of writing for me will help define at least part of me, so this is much self-discovery as it is presentation to others.

The home site:



  1. inspirational lions! they have helped you so far, i like it tim.

  2. Agreed. Your picture is spectacular. And I think this is a really awesome idea – very cool.

  3. It’s very nice that you put a picture of yourself up. It makes you, the person who’s behind this site, now a real person. And it also makes me want to read your story more, if partly because I think you’re cute.

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